© 2015 & 2017 Jeff Platts

Verse 1
Well you wake up in the morning feeling like you’ve just been robbed,
‘Cause you ain’t got any money, and you ain’t got any job,
And the rent is overdue, you don’t know where you’re gonna stay,
But there is always one thing that no one can take away.

Pray to the God of Heaven,
Pray your sins are all forgiven,
Pray He can help you if you let Him,
He wants to save you, that’s why He gave you Jesus,

Verse 2
Well you can stand up on your feet or you can get down on your knees,
You can bow your head or raise your arms or hold hands if you please,
You can pray all by yourself or you can join in with a crowd,
You can say a silent prayer or you can shout it out loud.

Repeat Chorus

Verse 3
What a treasure, what an honor, what a truly splendid thing,
To come into the throne room in the presence of The King,
And to bow down there before Him in such a Holy place,
To bask in His forgiveness, and partake of His grace.

Repeat Chorus 2 times