Your Perfect Love

© 1996 & 2017 by Jeff Platts

Verse # 1
All of my worries, all of my cares,
I tell `em to you `cause you only can answer my prayers,
All of my sadness, all of my fears,
I give `em to you ‘cause you only can dry all my tears,

I know you’re here, I sense that you’re near me,
I feel you within me, risin’ up in me from heaven above,
I hear you callin’ me, I feel your touch,
I sense the presence of your perfect love,

Verse # 2
All of your love, is all I require,
Spendin’ my life servin’ you, Lord, is all I desire,
All of your comfort, all of your light,
Protects me in darkness and gets me through every night,

Verse # 3

All of your power, the gift of The Lamb,
Is livin’ inside me to guide me wherever I am,
All your forgiveness, all of your grace,
Have taken my sins and erased them without any trace.

repeat chorus and…
I feel the warmth of your perfect love,
I feel the joy of your perfect love.